Dear Finance and Control and IFMC students,

We are very pleased to announce that we will have the “FC/IFMC Happy Hour” every last Thursday of the month from 3pm to 5pm. Please find below the schedule and the location.

The FC/IFMC Happy Hour program starts with a 30-minute session hosted by the FC/IFMC/THUAS alumni network. We hope you find this very informative and that it will give you some tips and hints for your internships. Furthermore, it is a good opportunity for networking. The speaker may be someone from our THUAS Alumni Relations or an FC/IFMC alumnus/alumna telling us about his or her career and successes. And even give some useful tips and hints for your future career.

We ask FC/IFMC students to come up with a different theme for every happy hour. This theme maybe presenting information about a specific country, a fashion show with clothing’s from countries that are represented by FC/IFMC students, special food, music and dance from a specific country, etc.

 We plan to schedule these sessions in your roster. For the time being, however, please add these FC/IFMC Happy Hours manually to your agenda.

And…. yes, there will be drinks and snacks.

Registration FC/IFMC Happy Hour on March 26, 2020