2022 BFM International Week

Dear BFM friend,

It is a great pleasure to invite you to the 2022 BFM International Week. This event will be hosted by the BFM bachelor degree programs of The Hague University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands, and will take place in calendar week 5 (Monday, January 31 until Friday, February 4 and in calendar week 6 (February 7 until February 11, 2022). We divided our international week into two weeks due to the number of participants that we expect.

The focus of the International Week is to actively engage our students in a variety of current international issues in order to further develop intercultural awareness and competence. It is designed to bring students together to work in diverse project groups on assignments to enable them to have discussions about international topics from different cultural perspectives. Industry leaders and university lecturers and partners will be involved to offer global insights and to facilitate the process. There will be a social event during lunchtime and in the evening hours which is a great opportunity to represent a home country and highlight unique aspects of a culture.

The 2022 BFM International Week offers several courses, presentations, workshops, and round-table discussions delivered by BFM lecturers, visiting lecturers from our strategic partner universities, and by the industry on various topics concerning Accounting, Finance & Control, Financial Management & Control, Marketing, International Business and Entrepreneurship, and Retail Management. The keynote speeches and lectures will be physical at THUAS, online-only, or in a hybrid format (both physical at THUAS and online). 

The participants of the 2022 BFM International Week are BFM students and students from our strategic partner universities. At the same time, we cordially invite students from non-partner universities who wish to widen their international horizon. We look forward to welcoming you to the 2022 BFM International Week in The Hague, The Netherlands.

The 2022 BFM International organization

(The schedule, course descriptions, and registration will be published here soon)